Microsoft Based Technology Solutions
Nectar enjoys a special relationship with Microsoft in the sense that this relationship has grown over the years and it has led to product development for vertical segments. We are proud to say that we have a large team of trained and qualified consultants who are able to assist our customers in application development using Microsoft products and technologies

Leading The solutions offered by our Microsoft team can be classified as
Application Development
Application Reengineering
Migration Solution

Application development
We offer application development services built on Microsoft platform to meet the business needs of today's networked enterprises. Our consultants are experienced in building the IT infrastructure for your organization by choosing the right technology and tools from Microsoft and build your application using the same. Our consultants posses strong functional knowledge backed by excellent product skills, which enable them, meet your requirements consistently.

Application re-engineering
Today, any progressive and dynamic business environment calls for constant evaluation of application needs, and reengineering the same to meet the business challenges and competitions. We offer application reengineering service, which will enable your organization to reengineer existing Microsoft, and non-Microsoft based applications to the latest versions of Microsoft tools, platforms & technologies with added functionalities to meet current needs.

Migration solution
One of the major challenges faced by today's enterprise is to keep pace with the technological & everyday changes taking place in the IT arena. We at Nectar CyberTech are aware of this and can assist you by offering specialized migration services to migrate to newer technologies through our Microsoft team. Our consultants are experienced in helping you migrate your application be it desktop, server or enterprise wide.

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