Nectar Quality Policy
The purpose of this page is to provide an insight into Nectar CyberTech's quality processes and to highlight from a business perspective the advantages accruing to our customers. We ensure that our customers feel comfortable and identify us as their extension, at the same time feel confident that we do our best, to satisfy them in fulfilling their requirements.

Objectives towards quality
We believe that software quality is rated as, how well an application "meets with customer's requirements and how effieciently or effectively it works onsite" One of the most important parameters that we take into consideration is related to costs; Our belief is to optimize invesments while safeguarding same and thereby assure usefulness of the product or service. We begin with the analysis of the 'user's requirement' and then follow a structured methodology. Once this is done then stress is laid on the developement process, testing and final implementation at the client site. It is seen to that quality is maintained in all phases.

The benefits a quality product has over the others is that it not only enables cost reduction but ensures other advantages which includes less maintainence, high productivity etc.Client feedback is appreciated at all levels which help us to improve our process. Nectar CyberTech adopts structured methodology evolved from the collective business & technical experience of our senior consultants to ensure a product of international standards.

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