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Ceecom: Collaborative Enterprise e-Commerce Solutions

Nectar CyberTech distributes Ceecom range of ERP solution in India. Nectar CyberTech offers various solutions like manufacturing, supply chain, financial, plant maintenance solutions and value added services like customization, data migration, training etc., with the support of Ceecom Inc.

Leading Edge Technologies with Ceecom
Ceecom Software solutions are built with leading-edge technologies, moving from a two tier client /server architecture to a three-tier object-oriented, component based, thin client computing environment.

Ceecom is committed to utilize new tools and technologies, and deliver integrated network based solutions that enhance the customers’ business performance.

Niche markets
Ceecom solutions are developed to help companies meet specific industry challenges and requirements and thrive in the Internet economy. The Ceecom Solution offers specific solutions for:
Apparel and Footwear
Food and Beverage
Electronic and Electrical
Industrial Products


Ceecom enterprise application solutions enable organizations to be more efficient, responsive and profitable. Each industry sector has unique processes and practices. Companies must perform by delivering products and services faster, better, and cheaper to be successful. Ceecom ERP and Supply Chain software solutions are tailored to your environment and ensure your competitiveness in the marketplace.

Ceecom provides a comprehensive set of software solution components that address the needs of each market sector. Full integration and flexibility across the entire Ceecom system ensure a seamless flow of information and transactions while providing the ability to adapt the system to changing business requirements in the years to come.

Ceecom ERP solutions are designed for operation in:

The windows graphical user interface uses Microsoft Windows navigation standards. Menu and navigation screens can be customized for each installation for optimal ease-of-use. An ultra-thin client using an internet browser interface is scheduled for release to support the e-business transactions for order entry, inquiries, procurements, quotations, shipments and data exchange between supply chain partners.

The Manufacturing system addresses the planning, design, execution and costing functions in various production environments.

The Distribution system is used to manage order fulfillment, purchasing, inventory and warehouse operations.

The Financial system is integrated with the Manufacturing and Distribution systems and tracks and reports all the financial transactions of all the company’s activities.

Customer Relationship Management
The Customer Relationship Management system consists of Sales, Service and Support modules to handle all communications with the customer.

The Transportation system enables the scheduling and loading of trucks to optimize delivery costs. It also enables the tracking of shipments from dock to dock.

Plantware Maintenance
The maintenance system supports all predictive, preventative and remedial maintenance activities with complete work order, planning, procurement, stores and costing capabilities for plant, equipment, facilities and buildings.

Ceecom Inc.
Ceecom Inc. is an international software company which develops, markets and supports web enabled order fulfillment, ERP, supply chain, and CRM software solutions for manufacturers and distributors in a variety of niche industries. Visit http://www.ceecom.com/ to know more about the company and their products & services.

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