e-Business Solutions
The Internet and e commerce is influencing the lives of almost the entire planet, every change resulting in a change in lifestyle in some way or the other. There is almost nothing which is not linked to the net.

Our association with leading technology players like Microsoft, Sybase, Sun and Oracle has helped us in building products and services around the Internet. Our business focus sets us apart. We are unique as an enterprise application implemetor and intergrater because we take responsibility of designing, installing and managing enterprise soltuions. Our experise and alliances support every aspect of your enterprise application software. These services are offered by an exceptionally qualified andexperienced team of developers and consultants.

Overview of out Solutions
Web enabled applications
Creation of Web Sites

Web Enabled Applications
We offer consultancy, design, develop and implement web enabled applications of your needs allowing you to use the net as a medium for linking your enterprise application with your suppliers and vendors.

Nectar CyberTech offers E-Commerce services through experienced consultants, who can help your organization do B2B (business to business), B2C (business to customer) and C2C (customer to customer commercial transactions) using the net. The strategic technical competence with Sun, Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft has helped us gain a core of rich experience in this area

Creation of Web Sites
The eBusiness group has the complete skill availability in this arena which includes professional designers, multi media consultants, application developers with strong HTML, Java, Adobe Photoshop, CGI and PERL skills.

We offer our services in setting up intranets for you organization. Designing the network, developing the contents, setting up collaborative / discussion forums, implementing mail and bulletin board services to make your intranet dynamic and collaborative are some of the services offered by this group. The consultants have expertise in the Lotus Domino, MS Exchange and Linux platforms and can help you set up your intranet on the platform of choice.

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