Almajdouie Motors
Almajdouie Motors was established in 1985 in realization of the daring ambition of the Group. We deal in all Hyundai passengers, light commercial and sub-heavy vehicles. Almajdouie Motors with their distinctive and daring ambition were able to market Hyundai automobiles of Korea.
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Saeed R Al-Zahrani
Saeed R Al-Zahrani Corp. (SRACO), founded in 1982, is one of the oldest established independent companies in Saudi Arabia. Headquartered in Damman, SRACO has offices in Riyadh and Jeddah. As a conglomerate, SRACO has a workforce of over 3500 employees gainfully employed throughout the kingdom.

Zahran Falcon Travel
Zahran Falcon Travel is one of the ventures of the Kingdom based Zahran Group of Companies established over 50 years. With branches in the major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and with associates in major countries, Zahran Falcon Travel has established the most effective worldwide travel network.
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Kilnagar village
Kilnagar village is situated in Thiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu State, Union of India. This village can be reached by road from Arni, on the Arni to Vellore Road. This is located at about 12 Kms. from Arni and about 38 Kms. from Vellore. This village can also be reached from the Vellore to Thiruvannamalai Road.
e-Log Book
eLogBook is a web-based application that tracks any organization’s working environment events. The system can be used by employees in Computer Operation Support Center, Refinery Operation Control Center, Gate Guard Security Control, and many other organizations.
Smell & Taste Bakery
Smell&Taste Bakery Company is the only full service bakery to offer a wide selection of fine pastries and breads. We work hard to produce quality baked goods from 'scratch' to meet your every need. There is a daily selection of freshly baked breads and other morning delights. The visual appeal of the cakes, pies and tarts is enticing and promises to taste just as delicious.
Child Care Clinic (CCC)
Child Care Clinic (CCC) - Our mission is to provide family-centered, community-based, culturally competent, coordinated care for children with special health care needs in managed health plans through consumer/provider partnerships.
The Watson Engineering (WE) is a leading engineering organization with more than 170 engineering technical, and support-staff personnel with expertise in virtually every welding and joining technology for use with metals, ceramics, and plastics. Medical manufacturers have used WE’s expertise to assess the weldability of nitinol; develop processes for refractory metals such as platinum, platinum-iridium, tungsten, and molybdenum; join dissimilar materials such as ceramics to stainless steel; and assess the seal integrity of plastic materials.
Star Cargo Agency
Pickup Real Estates
Summit Technologies
Summit technologies the Saudi based company is committed to meet the technical challenges in the industry. Summit introduces innovative global technology solutions to local market. We are committed to introduce environment friendly & safe products.
ASA Systems Integrator specializes in placing information technology professionals in temporary contract, contract-to-hire and full-time employment across all disciplines including platforms, operating systems, programming languages, databases, applications, website development, networks, e-commerce, ERP development, desktop technology and software engineering.
Dammam Palace Hotel
Dammam Palace Hotel @ Dammam - Saudi Arabia has conference hall with facilities for up to 150 guests, an ideal place for hosting conference, seminar or meetings. Equipped with latest Audio Visual Technology.
Digital Ad Agency

Cargo Agency
Traffic Signal Technology Factory

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