Is an Oracle based application designed and developed keeping in mind the requirements of schools. It has been designed in such a way that it handles the front office administrative functions efficiently as well as back office financial activities. The school application is made up of separate modules to take care of Administration, Setup, Library, Finance, Personnel, Sales, Purchase and Security.

This application has been built to meet the functional demands of any school setup. It uses the latest technology among which are Microsoft Windows XP/2000, Oracle 9i & Developer 6/6i client server architecture. Running under Windows gives Schools a user friendly interface and the power to communicate with other Windows applications using OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) gives you instant access to other products and tools for managing your school effectively and efficiently.

General Features
Fully Integrated front and back office
User Definable Setup
Aesthetically designed and easy to use interface
Online and manual help
Easy to comprehend tool tips and user friendly message all through the application
Inserts pictures of employees and students in database
High speed search and retrieval
Parameterized and flexible
Application can be customized easily meet the requirement of any school.

Schools - An Overview

Setup & Administration
Schools application is separated into separate modules to make the working of the system easy and flexible. The Setup and Administration modules efficiently control the entire front office activity. The user can store all details of the school such as timings of the school, classes from and to, number of study hours per day, breaks per day, number of exams in a year, information of holidays etc. This is linked with all the other modules to provide a consistent picture.

An exclusive module which covers all activities related to the library. Enables the user have complete list of books in the library with details of checked out books, dates due and fines on books.

Backoffice Setup
The modules that comprise the back office activities are Finance, Inventory, Purchase and Sales. Finance takes care of all those tasks pertaining to fee collections, generation and recording of fee receipts etc. This application has the capability of handling multi currencies. Management of stocks and procurement of materials is efficiently taken care of by Inventory and Purchase modules. Both are interlinked which prevents duplication of materials and enables effective material management.

This module helps the user define those who have access to the various modules and vice versa. This ensures that data is kept discrete at all times and prevents non authorized personnel from tampering with the official and confidential data and information.

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