A complete Human Resources system built on state-of-the-art technology providing adaptability technically and managerially. This is a single system which takes care of all the activities related to human resources and personnel. The application is designed in such a way that it manages the resume database bank and also the personel database which enables payroll processing. Exhaustive records of the personnel are maintained which includes personnal, address, qualification, history, dependents details are gathered and stored.

The application has been developed under Microsoft Windows XP/2000, Oracle 9i & Developer 6/6i client server technology with full email integration and Microsoft OLE (Object Linking & Embedding) capability.

Key Features
Easy to learn use and install
Easy to configure and easily navigable
Quick search and retrieval of resumes and candidates
OLE intergration for import of data
Effiecient Security
User level easy to understand tool tips
Easy add features

Functionality of HRMS

Resume Manager
The prime functionality of this module in the application is to maintain complete details of candidates resumes. A unique id is created for every resume that is stored which enables easy search and retrieval. Exhaustive details of the candidate are collected by this module which includes personnel, educational, experience along with contact information. A powerful feature of this application is the search engine which searches the database for the resume once the id is entered and the respective resume is displayed to the user as a word document. Canditate search is based on the job requisition and provision is available to list out selected candidates call them for a written test/interview and inform them of their status finally.

Selected candidate's personnal,contact experience and other details are transferred as employee details into the database thereby avoiding duplicate entry as well as minimizing data entry. User can also maintain accurate records of employee's bank details, dependent details along with transfer and training information. Training pertains to corporate training offered to the employees and related costs.

Payroll captures all those transactions required to enable payroll processing. This includes personnal loans availed by the employees, miscellaneous expenditures incurred by the personnal. Pay revision plays an important role in this module, which takes into account all deductions and allowances applicable to the employee before the final pay slip is processed. Attendance gathers those details pertaining to employees leave overtime and vacation. The system takes an eight hour working day and a 30 day month is taken as the default for processing payroll and attendance.

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