This is a comprehensive, integrated and exclusive application that has been conceived designed and developed by the Nectar team and it has been done in such a manner that it caters to the requirement of any medical center no matter the size of the center. OnRush® Hospitals is a comprehensive system in that it is equipped and encompasses all features that are required to handle nearly all the requirements of any medical center no matter the size or speciality. In brief activities beginning from the registration of a patient to his or her discharge is well handled by this application.

Features of OnRush® Hospital
GUI (Graphical User Interface) Flexible and configurable to any medical center setup
High speed search and retrieval activity
MDI (Multiple Document Interface)
Comprehensive setup
Field level help
Easy to comprehend tooltips and messages
Robust Security
Available both on Client Server and Web Enabled Technology

Module Summary

The primary functionality of this module is to define the setup of the hospital or medical center. It enables the user to capture details such as number of beds, wards specaility services available can be stored here.

Purpose this module serves is that it enables the user handles all activities beginning from the registration of a patient to discharge. Beginning with the registration of in and outpatients moving on to the completion of admission formalities of a patient process room requests based on availability process transfers of rooms if any, and also takes of maintainence and repairs of rooms. Setting up of appointements of patients and doctors too is done with this module.

As the name implies this module enables the user to generate all types of bills that is required by the center. Patient category determines the type of bill that is to be generated since items included differ for the type of patient. Advance payments, consultation slips and charges and other payments including final payments are handled by this module.

Laboratory & Surgery
The laboratory module keeps and maintains a track of all the investigations that are done on patients and the diagnosis thereon. Since details are preserved it enables the medical team to decide whether a repeat procedure is required or not. Reports of the patients diagnosis or investigation can be generated automatically. The surgery module enables the user maintain a track of the availability of the theater for surgeries. Bookings and cancellations of the theater are done here.

Activities pertaining to pharmacy are maintained here. Records of available stock positions of available medicines, list of suppliers, requisitions made by other departments along with payments and collections made by this department are maintained here.

Blood Bank
Details of blood and organ donors are maintained here. Module enables user to quickly retrieve details of history of donor and availability of blood at a point of time. Requests for blood for surgeries too are maintained here.

Back Office Activities
A single system comprising of Finance, Purchase, Sales and Inventory. Finance being the core integrates with all the other modules and assures that the user gets an accurate final picture.
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