A system that has been designed and developed keeping in mind the requirements of an organization. A single system that has the capability of handling both the front and back office activities. It is made up of distinct modules for Finance, Personal & Payroll, Sales, Purchase Inventory and Security that takes care of the defined functionality and finally intergrate to make it a single system.

The use of reports enables the user view reports from the standardized listings or use any of the available parameters. The use of this powerful tool provides a higher level view of information and this enables any user at any point of time gather any information they require for timely intelligent decision making. In short the user gets a ' WYSISWYG' reports review.

General Features
Fully intergrated application
Easy to configure and navigate
Online and manual help
User friendly, with easy to comprehend tool tips and field level help
Graphical User Interface
Report Generation

Summary of Financials
OnRush® Financials is built from the ground up to handle the functional demands of any enterprise. The modules that make up the system act independently in functionality and ensure that the respective tasks are handled appropriately. It finally integrates to enable the end user generate accurate final statement of accounts. OnRush Financials is a rich financial software which goes beyond mere profieciency in currency and language handling to meet the requirements of the ever changing marketplace.

Financials features a user defined chart of account. A 10 digit alphanumeric space is allocated per account code rendering the definition of the chart of account suitable for all kinds of business. Details of all accounts receivables and payables are gathered and stored. Financials handles the complexities involved with the management of multi-currencies. Unlimited number of currencies may be defined. This functionality enables effiecient performance of international business. Provision is also available for the calculation of difference of exchange coming through various transactions. Besides this cash/bank activiites, ledger transactions etc too are handled appropriately.

Personnel & Payroll
This module effieciently gathers and stores data pertaining to the employees of the organization and maintains their histories. In addition to the personnal details related to each employee this module also has the provision to store the attendance, leave and loan details. This enables accurate processing of payroll of the employee at the end of each month. A provision of processing supplementary payroll for those who are terminated or resign too is available.

Purchase, Sales & Inventory
These modules cover the standard functionlity's. Purchase enables the end user have complete control over the procurement cycle and ensures that the management has complete control over material management. The inventory module integrates with purchase thus enabling the user to maintain a track of the flow of materials. The sales module addresses the basic problems related to sales.Comprehensive and detailed information of all third party vendors are created and stored in financials.

Financials provides security both at form and field levels. The security control restricts users to selected functions, as well as the data they are permitted to see and/or change. For example, a user may be able to change a customer’s address without being able to change the customer’s credit limit even though both the fields are visible on the same screen. OnRush® Financials security has been carefully designed to prevent users accessing the database tables outside the functions themselves. Users have complete control over security so the data is protected at all times.

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